Stripping services

At pandora salvage we pride ourselves on our dedicated paint stripping service.

We offer a total paint stripping service on painted,varnished,waxed doors to take them back to there natural state and former glory.

We strip our doors in our caustic tank until the paint has completely softened only then we remove them and blast the residue using a pressure washer until the coating is removed, we then neutrilise the solution to stabilise the timber in the door and then leave to naturally and completely dry before returning to the customer.

We also strip furniture,metalwork and we can remove coatings from most items.

Note: as you may appreciate once items have been stripped various previous repairs may be evident due to the age of some items.we cannot be held responsible for what is under the surface of any coating ie filler,mastic,silicone.

Refinishing and repair service

We offer a refinishing service on any item we strip or a customer brings to us.

This can include sanding and recoating doors and furniture using paint,oil,wax etc

We can also finish metalwork with any coating the customer requires which can include painting or can be powder coated.

We can offer a repair service to include bespoke projects and most items brought to us priced on assesment.

Any item can be assesed to the best of our ability prior to anywork being carried out.

Shotblasting services

We offer a full shotblasting service this will include metal items also soft soda blasting for furniture and timber items.

Bespoke projects

We offer a bespoke project to the customers complete spec from the ground up.

For example a simple shelf to a complete log cabin built entirely from scratch.